Make the family tub safe

Bathtubs are incredibly slippery, so outfit yours with a rubber bath mat for more secure seating. A cushioned spout cover can protect your toddler’s head from painful bumps. Also, be sure that any sliding glass shower doors are made from safety glass.

Tangles in toddler hair

Tangles in toddler hair are enemy number one. The good news is it’s much easier to remove tangles when hair is dry, so de-knot with a brush or wide-toothed comb before you pop your little one in the tub for bath time.

Seasonal allergies

Sometimes children will outgrow seasonal allergies, others may have allergies get worse as they get older.

Swimming safety

Swimming is a favorite summertime activity. It’s also as major summer health risk for toddlers. Even if your toddler has taken a swimming course, they should be supervised at all times when in or near water.

Skin allergies

A dirty bed sheet could be the main cause behind skin allergies or infections.So it is necessary that the bed sheets be cleaned on a regular basis.

Combatting allergies

Child with allergies? Clean carpets weekly with a HEPA-filter vacuum and keep your child out of the room for at least half an hour afterward — since it can kick up dust and gunk that will exacerbate symptoms.

Mother’s Day craft

Looking for a mother’s day craft? Use Plaster of Paris and a paper plate and place child’s hand prints or footprints and find a cute saying about mothers.

Breakfast in bed

For some moms, Mother’s Day would not be the same without breakfast in bed. Coffee and toast are easy pleasers.

Mom’s Day

Make mother’s day important. Skip the shopping and the soccer games and simply plan the day with the family.

Time alone

Time alone is a rare thing for most moms. A yoga class, an hour thumbing through vinyl at a record store. Plan an afternoon of alone time for mom.

Avoiding tantrums

Take the time to play and talk with your toddler frequently – the first step to avoiding tantrums is setting up good communication with your child.

Children interacting in the world around them

Children who know what is expected of them and what they can expect from their world are more likely to develop a strong sense of self.

Talents of autistic children

Many children with autism are good at drawing, art and computer programming. These talent areas should be encouraged.

Toddlers and bath time

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, your toddler may decide she hates having baths. Even if you don’t know why she is afraid, it’s best to keep her out of the tub for now. Forcing her to stay in the tub will only make the problem worse.

When tots see the world

At 12 to 18 months of age, toddlers begin to become interested in the world around them. As they continue to grow, they learn to socialize by trial and error.

Nurturing young minds

Preschool programs that properly stimulate and nurture a young child’s mind will result in better-prepared children by the time they start school.

Smell the roses

Remember to slow down, watch your child carefully, and be in awe of and in awe with your child, all he is learning and all she is experiencing. Let your child re-introduce you to the world of child time, filled with wonder and awe.

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Eat Healthy

Be a role model by eating a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

Night terrors and exhaustion

Avoid putting an overtired toddler to bed. Night terrors are sometimes caused by a child who is exhausted.

Combination vaccines

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization now recommends "combination vaccines," meaning that an immunization containing more than one vaccine is preferable to giving each vaccine separately.